Top Tips to Beat the New Year Bloat

We all look to make a healthy start to our eating regimen in the New Year, but often the festive period has left us tired and bloated. Here are 5 top tips to ‘Beat the Bloat’.


How to Overcome Those New Year Blues

January 16th is the day our ‘New Year’ optimism starts to fade, a study has found. Millions of Britons claim to start the New Year feeling positive and full of hope for the year ahead, but see their upbeat thoughts take a downturn after just two weeks.

By 16th January, we become gloomy and fed up thanks to a struggle to stick with New Year’s resolutions, the cold, wet weather and trying to keep bank balances afloat until the next payday.

Top Financial Tips for the New Year

The amount of spending during Christmas encourages consumers to reflect on their finances in the New Year, to try to find ways to save money in different areas of their lives

Wealth Dragons, the brainchild of dynamic British entrepreneurs John Lee and Vincent Wong, share the following basic yet important advice when considering money-saving tips for the New Year.

Men the Biggest Losers in New Years Diet Wars

Guys - if you’re tempted to ditch your New Year’s weight loss regime on January 15th (the day tipped as the most likely that people will fall off the diet wagon) – don’t – as a recent poll by Nutracheck shows that men rather than women have greater success in achieving their weight loss objectives, making men the biggest losers.

Sixteen Spells End Of Sport For Half Of Women

With many of the nation’s women making their New Year’s Resolution to increase their physical activity, it could be that the route of the problem lies in women feeling excluded from sport at a young age. Sweet sixteen spells the end of sport for more than half of teenage girls, a study has found. Losing interest, a lack of time and feeling like they weren’t good enough means 53 per cent of girls give up sport once they finish school and compulsory PE lessons.

Declare War on Your Weight with BMF

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed British Military Fitness. British Military Fitness began as an alternative form of group fitness training to gyms, with the idea to get people of all fitness abilities outdoors training in parks, and give everyone a fun and effective form of training using the highly professional skills learnt in the military

Don’t let "Financial ignorance" Be Bliss This New Year

Financial New Year’s Resolutions are second only to health and fitness as the most common made by Britons, and according to new research, that is not surprising. Researchers investigating the nation’s attitude towards money matters have discovered millions of people are not getting to grips with their finances, and many have little or no detailed understanding of their own financial position.

Key Fitness Trends for This New Year

The world of fitness is always changing, and last year was one of crazy innovation across the fitness industry.  Perhaps nothing defined last year more than Pokémon GO (more on that later!), except maybe the Mannequin Challenge or the unstoppable rise of the “Dab”?

For gym-goers, there has been no shortage of new technology that has revolutionised the way we keep fit. Now, with the New Year upon us, we’re certain that things will continue to develop in the coming 12 months.

New Study Reveals The Nation's New Year Wishes...And Regrets

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions, but a new study commissioned by Fiat has given us an insight into the things Britons most desire to change about themselves.

Researchers took an in-depth look at which aspects of our lives Brits would change, with a staggering 39 percent admitting they are not entirely happy with the way their life had turned out. And a staggering 87 percent admitted if they were offered an opportunity to start again, they would take it.

Don't Be Clueless About Your Health This New Year

While many think of New Year’s Resolutions in grand terms, you don’t need to join a gym or completely overhaul your diet to make a significant change. A new study has shown that many Britons are completely clueless about the subject – with more than half admitting they don’t know what their own blood group is.


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