Quitting Smoking Cold Turkey is a Dead Duck

Two thirds of UK smokers, the equivalent of six million people, will try and quit in January 1st but half will have failed within just one week, with one in ten quit attempts will last less than 24  hours. And according to new research, the reason is trying to stop using willpower alone – going “cold turkey”.

Every Step Counts Toward Your Fitness Goals

While the New Year’s Resolutions to get yourself fit may be made in earnest, many find themselves struggling to follow through on their lofty goals. But there could be a way to take a few steps toward your Resolution with hardly any extra effort and zero extra cost; walking!

Put Financial Fitness First This New Year

Every New Year millions across the country attempt to to stop smoking, try a new hobby, or shift the extra weight from all those Christmas mince pies. But bank account provider thinkmoney is asking people to think about their financial fitness this January and to ditch any bad spending habits that hold them back.

Tennis is Ace for Keeping You Young

The New Year is a time when many Resolve to improve their fitness, not just to improve their self-esteem, but also because being in better shape helps prolong your life. According to recent research, playing racquet sports like tennis could be one of the best ways to get yourself fit and help you to live longer.

Just What the Doctor Ordered with Dr Zak's

The New Year's Resolution Show went to Leisure Industry Week in Birmingham and interviewed Dr Zak's. Dr Zak's is a hgh protein functional foods brand, aiming to provide healthy alternatives to common products.

Don't by Struck by the Curse of the 9th

The 9th of January is the day when three quarters of Britons will give in and break their New Year’s resolutions, it has emerged.

The good intentions to get fit, save money and lose weight get tested to the limit, with willpower going out of the window, as most start the first full week back at work since the festive break.

Top Fitness Trends for This New Year

The New Year is the time when many of us Resolve to improve our fitness, but we need to have fitness regimes that keep us hooked. We've asked Bradley Simmonds, Fitness guru and celebrity PT to tell us, what trends do we need to know about in 2017:

Personal touch

Can a High-Fat Diet Help You Meet Your New Year Goals?

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight; and if you’re aiming to lose weight, the last thing you should be doing is eating fatty foods, right?

Not necessarily!

The good news – research published in leading medical journal The Lancet has shown that adopting a high-fat diet can lead to reduced bodyweight and waist circumference. The bad news – this doesn’t mean you can feast on fish and chips every night.

Blaze a Trail to Fitness with BhangraBlaze

Men, Freshen Up This New Year

The New Year is a time when many of us  Resolve to find love, start looking for a new job or put the spark back into our existing relationships. But, with a recent study showing that women have a superior sense of smell, the chances are that, if you’re a man, you may be self-conscious about those little pongs, and that may be affecting your confidence. So whether you’re on a date, in a job interview, or enjoying ‘netflix and chill’ there are a few smells that you may find yourself worried about. Follow these tips to avoid bad odours, and keep your fresh and cool confidence intact.



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