Master Time this New Year

Every New Year millions all over the country make New Year’s Resolutions; but not everyone is able to stick with them. For many the problem is just not having “enough time”. The New Year’s Resolution Show spoke to Karen Meager and John McLachlan who gave us their tips for how using your time correctly is the key to not only successful New Year’s Resolutions, but also a more successful and less stressful life.

British Leeks: the Perfect Detox Solution for the New Year

For anyone embarking on a detox diet this January, eating in-season British leeks can help play a part in ridding the body of harmful substances while also contributing to weight loss.

According to the British Leek Growers’ Association, leeks are ideal for detoxing because they contain potassium, folic acid and vitamin C. Leeks can also help reduce cholesterol levels and rid the body of uric acid, created after ingesting certain foods. Too much uric acid can cause gout and kidney stones.

Enhance Your Mood with New Year Recipes from Tess Ward

The New Year may bring many Resolutions to improve yourself on the outside, but the best Resolutions improve how you feel on the inside as well. It’s common knowledge that food affects the way we feel, and while we often crave ‘naughty’ food over the colder first few months of the year, but that won’t help with the New Year diets and it won’t banish the winter blues either.

With these bespoke dishes created by Tess Ward, chef and author of the Naked Diet, using Panasonic’s range of small kitchen appliances, you can experience fresh eating and enhance your wellbeing from the inside out.

5 Essential Components for Healthy Meals on a Diet

With the New Year come the Resolutions to eat more healthily. To give you some top tips on how to make sure your New Year diet is healthy, the New Year’s Resolutions Show have teamed up with Philly McMahon, gaelic footballer and owner of Fit Food Healthy Meals.

1. Protein

Vape Away Your Allergies: Ex-smokers Suffer Fewer Symptoms Vaping

Stopping smoking is one the the top New Year’s Resolutions every year, as millions of smokers look to use the New Year as an incentive to stub out their bad habit for good. If more incentives were needed, a recent survey carried out by Vapourlites on 1000 ex-smokers who recently switched to e-cigarettes found that more than half saw allergy symptoms ease after the switch.

Essential Health Resolutions from the Experts

Christmas time is when most of us over indulge with abandon, throw caution to the wind and leave calorie and unit counting until the New Year Resolutions kick in. We drink, we stress, we party and we use the excuse of long dark nights and the need for relaxation and recovery to sit still for long periods of time.

So what should you Resolve to do to in January to try and reverse the damage?  The experts from Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital give some easy changes that can make a fundamental difference to your longer term health. If you do nothing else, Resolve to make these easy changes this New Year; because the right small changes, can have a big impact.

How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

The New Year is fast approaching and many people begin to wonder what the year will have in store for them. Life coach to some of the UK’s most successful people Michael Serwa explains how you can make this New Year your best yet with the correct mindset.

Savvy over 50s New Year Tips for Credit Card Spending

Research has shown that managing finance is the second most popular New Year’s Resolution among Britons. Among no group is this truer than the over-50s who are turning out to be the most money savvy of generations, according to a new study by Saga personal finance.

The secret seems to be that people over 50 have embraced using a credit card more than most people would imagine and they are very savvy about when and how to use them.  Over 90% of people over 50 say they have at least one card, with over a quarter saying they have three or more cards.


Motivation the Key as Two out of Three Resolutions Fail

Research suggest that 66% of Brits abandon their New Year’s Resolutions, with many people citing lack of motivation as the main reason for giving up. An online voucher code and money saving website investigated whether Brits stick to their resolutions or not, what they tend to give up and if they fail, why.  

Digestive Tips to get you New Year "Gut Ready"

The New Year is looming and many of us will be resolving to ramp up the hours in the gym to get in shape.  Unfortunately, a body that looks great on the outside doesn’t necessarily mean it’s functioning well on the inside.  So if your digestive system is already on the delicate side or you’re prone to bloating, trapped wind or gas, the New Year is a good time to prepare your inner ecosytem for the challenges ahead. 



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